Pets- New and Care

Having pets is a “great” benefit to the rural/small town lifestyle. You have more room and options for your pets. Your household pets can be expanded to outdoor larger pets and animals. There may be a barn or shed on an acreage either that you own or one nearby to rent larger animals such as horses. Calves , goats, sheep or chickens that you may want to use. The local stores will have equipment and fencing and animal feed for these animals.  Most areas will have a veterinarian and also a sale barn or businesses where there animals are offered for sales. Take advantage of the private businesses that are raising pets for sale for good homes.

Do your research in the area.  Different ways to do this research may be to talk to others  in the community and find out who sells horses, or breeds dogs and cats or  who may have the other larger. There are businesses in the area and some on the internet that will provide the daily support to you need to care for all of your animals.

The best way to find what you looking for is to talk to people in the community.


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