How to Make Friends in Rural America and a Small Town

It is so easy to make a friend or a new acquaintance.  The local folks will figure our quickly if you a new in town or the area. Be open to talking to people wherever you are in town. Be friendly and start giving out your name. Going to area suppers prepared by local organization or pancake breakfasts or school events such as football, basketball games or tract meets. Participate in local parades and festivals by volunteering or attending. So many new friends will come from organizations such as churches or breakfast coffees, luncheons given by organizations or local civic organizations. Search out what is available by asking people and accepting invitations when you are invited. Also be aware that people will want to go to know you so take the time to share. The pace of life that is slower and people are taking their time to make you feel welcome. It is about making the time when someone reaches out to you.

Talk with your neighbors and participate in neighborhood gathering and events. Many will be potluck and ask what dish you are to bring. Make a special dish and be willing to share the recipe. Attend picnics when the weather is nice and local gathering when scheduled. Most of this is all about interests and homemade dishes. None of this a gourmet restaurant initiative so make some menus to take and have some fun.  You may need to purchase a carrier for your dish to bring.  Have some good topics of converation handy!


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