Let’s Make It a Great Lunch

When you are either living in a rural area or living in a smaller town, going out to lunch can be something you save when you go shopping in a nearby larger town or city for day. It is hard to say that lunch is the same, because it really is not. First of all, if you go with a group someone has to go early to save a couple of tables at a local restaurant. I suggest going early is the way to go, as then you get your food order in before all the other folks come in. Sometimes the kitchen gets behind and the food preparation time can take longer than anticipated. Plan extra time to say Hello to people you know at the restaurant. Some will stop by when you are having lunch!

Another option is to have called in ahead of time for your order to go.  This is an efficient way to get your lunch at a local venue. Then what, where do you go to enjoy it?  If you are solo or with a few friends or work colleagues you have options.  One is the park on a nice day at a local park shelter or take a light lawn chair in your truck or your car.  Sitting under a shade tree in the summer time can be delightful. Another option would be a community center where they have tables and chairs set up. Another great option is to meet at someone’s house either at the kitchen table, the dining room table or on the patio in nice weather if you are invited. If you are close by, you can always go home for lunch.

If you have a lunch room at your place of work, having a potluck lunch by those who wants to participate is always an option occasionally. You can also decide to send someone out for sandwiches, salads or pizza if your community has a good local vendor providing these types of food.  You will need a volunteer to go and get the lunch and bring it in. A good rule of thumb is one order ahead and pay online or over the phone.  If this type payment option does not work, plan the day ahead and everyone can anticipate the bill and tip with cash given to your volunteer of the day.



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