You may be wondering why some people prefer small town or rural living. It was recently described to me by someone who had moved to another state after looking in several states to find a new home. It is that feeling of being relaxed in your new surroundings. In this case it was the expansive skies, the low key culture, the security of the area with very little crime if any and the feeling of being relaxed.

This concept is not new and is one that some people may not have considered with their next move. Some of you are urban dwellers and you know it and others of you are looking for change and not sure what that change is until you find it. If you are thinking of making a location change, take some time to explore the small town and rural way of life. You may find it just what you are looking for in terms of feeling better, enjoying life more and wanting to participate in all the great things this life style has to offer.

As you travel and explore, make a list of what you liked in each area you consider. Also note how you felt and if you are relaxed and find yourself at home in a new environment. Hope you find your place sooner rather than later.


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