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Environmental Specialist- Houston TX

Job Description: Environmental Specialist Air Compliance Location Houston TX Job Description Primary duties and responsibilities: 1. Interpret and maintain compliance with air authorizations, including PBR, NSR and Title V permits. 2. Interpret and maintain compliance with applicable EPA and TCEQ air quality rules and regulations. 3. Prepare and submit state and federal reports, including Title V deviation reports, monthly/annual air emission inventories, and other regulatory/permit required reports. 4. Manage, monitor, and calculate air emissions using the existing online emissions calculation program for both facilities. 5. Assist in the development and preparation of applications, registrations, etc. for air quality authorizations, which may include PBRs, NSR and Title V permits. 6. Develop and prepare environmental procedures, processes, and practices. 7. Interface with federal, state, county, and city representatives during site inspections. 8. Provide technical assistance to terminal personnel for day-to-day operations. 9. Assist in the development of training and education programs for environmental regulatory compliance; provide training as needed. 10. Actively participate as a member of the Incident Command (IC)/EOC. 11. Maintain professional certifications, as applicable, by attending various training, seminars, and classes. 12. Assist in spill and incident response notification and regulatory compliance reporting. 13. Assist with implementing and enforcing environmental processes and practices. 14. Assist with internal/external SHES and Regulatory Compliance Audits. 15. Participate in various internal/external meetings and committees as appropriate. 16. Interface directly with Terminal Management. 17. Assist in the maintenance of environmentally related plans, licenses, permits and certifications. 18. Assist in other areas as necessary, which may include TRRP, SPCC, RMP, TPDES, and others. Qualifications Required skills and qualifications: 1. Bachelor’s Degree from accredited college or university; or equivalent experience. 2. Five years related experience and extensive knowledge in environmental regulations, with a focus on air quality. 3. Air permit (NSR & Title V) experience. 4. Good verbal and written communications skills. 5. Excellent problem-solving abilities. 6. Self-directed and motivated.

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