This present time is bringing about change for all of us. This article is about change and one that you
may not have thought through. Our economy is changing and the career that you have had or are use
too may not be there for you in the same location. You may need to find a career where the job is

This brings up the subject of moving to a small or mid- sized community from a large metro area. What
would life be like and what types of opportunities could one find. This series of short articles will
address some of the unknown or did you realize you could have this lifestyle.

Being from a small town and rural area of the US, let me share some insights. Small town life is easier to
navigate as everything is much closer and there are fewer stop lights, not a much traffic and errands
take less time. Your choice of smaller town could involve living in the town, on the out skirts of the town
or on an acreage. For those of you who likes lawn mowing, gardening, taking walks, bicycle riding, parks,
and farmer markets, small towns provide all these kinds of activities. These activities usually can be
done from the front door of your home or within a short distance across town.