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Operational Excellence Manager- Houston TX

Job Description: BASIC DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Provide leadership and coordination of Process Safety, Risk Management and Responsible Care®/RC 14001 activities. Serve as Management Representative for the RC14001 Management System. Serve as the subject matter expert keeping Terminal Management informed of Process Safety, Risk Management, Responsible Care®/ RC14001 requirements, performance, activities, and opportunities. Participate in PSM, RMP and Responsible Care®/ RC 14001 related issues in external professional and trade organizations. Identify, develop and provide, as appropriate, training to the staff and associates relative to PSM, RMP, Responsible Care®/ RC14001 and related activities. Develop, maintain and implement, as needed, PSM, RMP, and RC 14001 policies, procedures, standards, and related goals, objectives and action plans. Participate in the development and review of capital projects to help ensure compliance to applicable requirements, standards, and codes. Participate and assist Terminal Management in developing goals, objectives, action plans and KPI’s to ensure achievement of Operational Excellence and Responsible Care®. Provide leadership and facilitation as appropriate of investigations, cause analysis and resolution of SHE&S, Operational and Customer related incidents. Facilitate the identification and development of improvement opportunities in the operations and business processes Manage associates assigned to ensure Operational Excellence Management Systems and Process Improvement Opportunities are effectively developed, implemented and maintained. Additional duties as requested by management. Intervene and take appropriate actions on any non-conformance, possible non-conformance, or concerns affecting 1) compliance with any known legal, regulatory or company requirement, 2) Safety, Health, Environment & Security (SHE&S) and Quality policies, procedures, or other management system requirements, and/or 3) expectations or needs of other interested parties, and communicate it using the appropriate company process. Ensure the SHE&S, Responsible Care, and Quality management Systems requirements are integrated into their organization’s business structure and processes and achieve intended outcomes. Promote an observable culture of process safety, product safety/stewardship and customer service within their organizational control. Ensure associates under their direct supervision fully understand and comply with all SHE&S and Quality policies and procedures, as well as Standard Operating Procedures. Monitor performance to ensure the effectiveness of the management systems, promote continuous improvement, and recognizing the SHE&S, Responsible Care, and Quality related performance of associates. Identify and provide resources to identify and correct deficiencies or support continuous improvement opportunities within their management control. When requested, participate in the development, communication, and implementation of SHE&S, Responsible Care, and Quality programs. Communicate and follow up as required on any SHE&S or Quality concerns, incidents, near misses, or opportunities for improvement using the appropriate company process. When requested, lead, participate and/or provide resources for Associate Safety Committee (ASC), Safety Meetings, Incident/Root Cause Analysis (RCA) investigations, Management of Change (MOC), Process Safety Startup Review (PSSR), Process Hazard Analysis (PHA), and other related SHE&S, process safety, and customer service activities. 
Required Skills: SKILLS AND QUALIFICATIONS Must hold a bachelors degree from an accredited college or university or equivalent experience. Must have a minimum of 10 years of combined experience in the fields of environmental, safety, and process safety management. Must be able to learn new systems and reporting standards, as needed. Master’s Degree is strongly preferred. Critical thinking skill, time management, and problem solving skills. Effective verbal and written communication skills. Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite. Various certifications (Six Sigma, ASQ, etc.) may substitute master’s degree requirement.
Salary/Pay Amount: $120,000-$140,000

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